Let’s talk about Sweden’s twitter account.

This week Sweden has been the butt of Donald Trump’s ramblings. The term fake news has been thrown around, accusations and ‘alternative facts’ circle the internet like killer whales, ready to attack the less informed or ignorant.

With this in mind I checked Sweden’s twitter account to see their response, to my surprise I found the ‘Curators of Sweden’ project. The code of conduct on their official twitter page explains it best –

“The @sweden account on Twitter is a platform that supports the idea of free speech and democracy. It’s meant to be a space that invites opinions and debates, not hate and trolling.”

Every week one Swedish native is chosen to curate the account, answer questions/promote the country and even showcase themselves, if they wish.
Poor poor Max Karlsson is in control this week. During this Trumpian mess. Karlsson, 22 and has been fending off constant questions about Sweden’s immigration and crime stats. He’s been well and truly dropped in it. Karlsson expecting to talk about his music and photography ended up being thrust into the media after responding to the new President directly.

If you wish to see more about Max’s battle with Trump:







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