Indonesia’s Zoo of Death


Nature, Wildlife and Science are three subjects I hold very close to my heart. So when I find out about a place like Bandung Zoo it hurts me to the core. Whether or not you associate yourself with the idea of a zoo, this video must pull on your human emotions. In the video above you can see bears begging the zoo’s visitors for food –  no animal (especially in captivity) should have to beg for food. In 2016, Yani, the zoo’s 34-year-old elephant, who had been unable to stand for over a week, died audibly crying with chains shackled to her feet.

Bandung Zoo’s Tripadvisor is full of saddened visitors commenting on the conditions the animals live in:screen-shot-2017-03-02-at-18-27-48screen-shot-2017-03-02-at-18-28-05


There is one ‘excellent’ review:



ShirleyAnnEvans says the zoo is making improvements – This review was posted nearly a year before the latest post, claiming it to be a hell hole where “a giraffe died there by ingesting plastic because it was so hungry”.

At the beginning of February this year Animals Asia released a report they carried out on Bandung Zoo, it says “There has been some positive changes, but it’s not nearly enough. These animals deserve much more.” The report encourages people to take action and lobby the Indonesian government to step in and sort this horrific mess.

Follow this link to the report:

You can sign one of the many petitions to close the zoo if you follow these links:

SIDE NOTE – Sorry to post something away from my usual chipper blog entries, but I can’t ignore something this important.



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